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At CFT Décor and Gifts, we are proud to support local artists! We work with artisans throughout Taos, NM and the surrounding communities. There are so many gifted artists in the region, and we are proud to provide our customers with access to their eclectic, whimsical work! Local art is a great addition to our colorful, unique treasures, perfect for your home or as a gift to a loved one. Read below to learn more about the artists we support!

We are Proud to Support Local Artisans!

Abby Salsbury

Abby Salsbury - CFT Gifts and Decor, Taos, NM

My current body of work is the result of my concentration on throwing, hand building and mold making in the last 14 years. My attraction to design, function, form, color and texture has evolved toward a clearer idea of creating pots that participate in the daily lives of their owners, rather than unnoticed behind cabinet doors.

My love of clay began with summer classes at the age of 7 and led me to majoring in ceramics at the Philadelphia College of Art and the University of Colorado. In 1991 I opened my studio in Massachusetts and began developing a line of hand thrown tableware to sell to retailers within the United States, through the American Craft Council and Rosen Wholesale shows.

In 1996 my husband, furniture maker and sculptor, Dean Pulver, and I moved to Snowmass Village, Colorado to work and study at the Anderson Ranch Arts center. This experience, and our discovery of the Southwest, brought us to Taos in 1996. I began making molds of the forms I had developed in Massachusetts and through retail shows in the Southwest I introduced Butterpie Productions. In the last 10 years I have been fortunate enough to make a living solely through my craft.

At present I continue to sell my line to faithful collectors, as well as developing new design ideas for production and one of a kind pots, and now, printmaking and mixed media.

As a clay artist it is my intent to create a hand made, decorative and functional pot that holds a sense of craftsmanship and history of art but that still can be afforded and collected for the purpose of everyday use.

Cristine Boyd

Christine Boyd - CFT Gifts and Decor, Taos, NM

The black and white ceramics of Cristine Boyd make everyday moments of dining, entertaining and gift giving memorable and special, as her hand crafted ceramics are conversational pieces indeed.

As the founder of All Clay, Cristine has been designing, making and teaching ceramics since 1989. Her work represents her interest in pattern and rhythm and her stylized and abstracted expression of human and animal form, portray playful and strong emotion.

Her work is formed in hand-made bisque press molds and decorated with the ancient sgraffito technique – that is the image on the surface is hand carved through a thin layer of colored clay.

She produces a standard line of delightful plates, platters, mugs, tumblers, bowls, and vases along with an ever evolving line of interesting utilitarian and decorative pieces. Her work is durable, beautiful to look at and lovely to touch as the sgraffito technique imparts a wonderful tactile texture to each piece.

Flag Forge

Flag Forge - CFT Gifts and Decor, Taos, NM

Flag Forge is a modern blacksmithing shop run by Cathi Borthwick. She creates functional art pieces for the home using traditional and modern blacksmithing methods for working hot steel. Below is some more specific information about Cathi and her work.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Education related to blacksmithing has been a pick-up affair, learning from other smiths, at conferences, and an occasional class at the John C. Campbell Folk School, combined with many hours of practice at the forge.

INFLUENCES/ARTISTIC STATEMENT: Steel is a magical medium to work with. When it is at a working heat (2000°F), it is the consistency of modeling clay and can be worked into all kinds of wonderful, flowing forms. When it cools, it returns to its rigid state and leaves you to wonder just how it could get into the shape it’s in. The final product can be both beautiful and durable, a work of functional art. Ironwork is enjoying a renaissance both in the public eye and in the number of individuals interested in working the metal. Therefore, there is quite a bit of creative energy flowing in my medium, a challenge and stimulation to create new work.

SPECIAL MAJOR SHOWS: I have participated in many major juried shows including the Beverly Hills Affaire in the Garden, the Park City Art Show, the Contemporary Craft Market, the Southwest Arts and Crafts Fair, the Sun Valley Art Show, and as an invited artist at the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Arts Festival and Columbus Art Festival. One honor for Cathi was to be invited to be a demonstrator at the 1986, 1996, and 1998 ABANA (Artist Blacksmith Association of North America) conference (a three day biennial international conference for blacksmiths.)

TECHNIQUES: While I am willing to include modern metal working techniques (MIG welding, gas welding, etc.) in my work when appropriate, most of the work is done using traditional blacksmithing techniques. The metal is heated in a forge (gas, not coal) and hammered into shape using an anvil, hammer, and various hand tools (both purchased and made by me).

OTHER INTERESTING INFORMATION: My work has appeared in Metropolitan Home, Bon Appetit, The New York Times Magazine, and San Francisco Magazine. Work has been purchased by such individuals as Dudley Moore, James Taylor, Dwight Yoakam, and Julian Lennon.

Holly Burger

Holly Burger - CFT Gifts and Decor, Taos, NM

I came to Taos in 1999 as a potter doing commission work and eventually began to sell pieces in Country Furnishings. Five years ago, I traded pottery for metal work; both mediums have more in common than one would think. I’ve enjoyed collaborating with furniture builders at CFT doing crosses, mirrors, headboards and trasteros, as well as doing larger special order pieces–backsplashes and tiles, and working smaller pieces–cards, ornaments and bookmarks. I’ve worked at Country Furnishings for eight years and am continually moved by the amazing artists represented in the store. Those creative people and the beauty of Northern New Mexico are a constant source of inspiration for my own work. To quote Picasso: “You don’t make art, you find it.”

Kimm Lanus

Kimm Lanus - GFT Gifts and Decor, Taos, NM

Kimm was born in Rome, New York, was raised in New England, and currently resides in Granbury, Texas. Her studies in art began in 1972 at University of Texas at Arlington, and from her first exposure to art history and the painting of Toulouse Lautrec, Rossetti, Raphael, Albrecht Durer, and later Carriere, and Edward Hopper, she was so deeply moved that art become a way of life. She had a great love for the study of people, and humanity in general, and received a degree in psychology, but always kept art in her heart and continued to study after graduating.

Kimm has studied with artists from New York to L.A. Taking what she learned, she taught school for over six years to the middle school level, as well as teaching privately to adults and teenagers. After teaching privately for over ten years as well as doing workshops for the art guilds of Granbury, McKinney, Wylie, and Richardson, Texas, she also did juried shows such as the Collin County Annual Show, Holiday National Show, Dallas Visual Arts Annual show, Granbury Arts Annual Show, Plano Annual Art Show, Wylie Annual Art Show, Wylie Annual Show, Richardson and Irving. She received first and second place awards repeatedly in these locations, along with best of show from the Art Institute of Chicago.

Kimm is often written up in the “Observer” in Dallas and Art and Design, News Letters of the Galleries that represent her across the country, and will soon appear in the magazine “Horizons” of the Cayman Islands. She has painted over 400 paintings that are found in collections from New York to San Diego. She is currently in six galleries in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Florida and the Grand Cayman Islands. Kimm works in oil on paper and board and captures the romance and mystery of the 1940’s and the turn of the century. Her inspiration is from old black and white movies and old photos, and crosses from the present time to the past. “I try to create a mystery, something almost haunting, crossing the line between contemporary and classical.”

Larry McEntire

Larry McEntire - CFT Gifts and Decor, Taos, NM

Larry McEntire is an Illustrator, designer, artist, educator and family man. He is a native Texan who lives and works in Houston. He is a graduate of Texas Tech and received a MA from Lamar University. He draws inspiration for his art from the diversity of his life experience.

His vividly hand painted creations are whimsical and pleasing. Originally handmade from scraps of a home improvement project, they have a sculpted quality with thick latex uniquely applied on durable OSB pressed particle board. Each critter is an original work of art as each step of the process gives each piece some variation. Coated with multiple coats of polyurethane, they are ready to hang in your home or patio.

Lynn Garlick

Lynn Garlick - CFT Gifts and Decor, Taos, NM

I have lived and painted in Taos, New Mexico since 1976. I was originally trained as a landscape and portrait painter. Over the years I have worked in many different mediums, many styles and within the framework of many different schools of thought on art. Regardless of the style, medium, or school, the one thing that has remained constant is my emotional response to the beauty I see around me. I started painting retablos in 1991. I was inspired by the simplicity and devotion with which these icons are painted. They sold well and started demanding more and more time from me. They became, for me, a form of prayer for help, healing and right thought. I ask for love and kindness to show in them because to me it is through kindness that we heal ourselves, our family, our friends and the world. My hope is that this kindness comes through the image of the saint.

Pedro Chavez

Pedro Chavez - CFT Gifts and Decor, Taos, NM

I was born in Taos and have lived here all of my life, except for four years of service in the Navy.

I have done work for three different churches in New Mexico. In one church I built three exterior doors. In another church I worked with another artisan to build two exterior doors with carvings of Santos (Saints) on the door panels. For the the third church I made painted and carved figures (Santos) of the Stations of the Cross.

From 1980 until now most of my work has been building furniture and cabinets. Some are carved and painted. The major part of my works have been sold through CFT Décor and Gifts.

Sharron Tavernier

Sharron Tavarnier - CFT Gifts and Decor, Taos, NM

Sharron has been making things her whole life. “When you grow up poor, you have to make the things you want.” From calendars, cards and posters to jewelry, furniture and clothes, she made it. After painting and pattern making ran their course, she stumbled onto magazine collage. No money for paint – no problem, as there is plenty of color to work with in discarded magazines. She loves making things and loves puzzles. Collage allowed her to work on both. After visiting ancient mosaics in Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East, she realized this is something she should be doing. Mexican, Italian and American art glass are all more tangible than shreds of paper. And they’re shiny. She also incorporates stone, ceramic and any kind of found object in her work. She has used shells, bullet casings, precious gems and Grandma’s broken china in wall, floor and countertop installations. These small boards of reclaimed barn wood are her latest attempts to Gaudi the world.

Susan Eichner

Susan Eichner - CFT Gifts and Decor, Taos, NM

Susan is primarily a self-taught artist, with an extensive background in clothing design and merchandising. She has lived in Taos, New Mexico for over 20-years.

Many years ago, Mary Shriver, owner of Country Furnishings of Taos gave Susan a few pieces of furniture and said, “I have confidence in you; paint whatever you like.” Today, Susan’s hand-painted furniture, art, and accessories are still carried in Mary’s store and have been sold to customers all over the country.

Susan’s hand-painted furniture has been featured in numerous publications, including The Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico Magazine, Country Magazine and Taos Magazine.

“I follow in the footsteps of many fine folk artists from the Southwest. Through my work, I pay homage to them, for their inspiration, and for helping me keep the artistry of hand-painted furniture and folk-art alive.”

In addition to creating hand-painted furniture, original works of art and accessories, Susan also enjoys painting on numerous recycled items, customizing kitchen cabinets, and painting small murals.

Valerie Graves

Valerie Graves - CFT Gifts and Decor, Taos, NM

Valerie Graves is a Master Painter of landscapes, capturing the special light and essence of the mountains, sagebrush mesas and valleys of the Southwest.
Many have said that her remarkably sensitive and beautiful work is extremely reminiscent of the very best of the early Taos Founder paintings. Few artists have earned that praise.

Valerie Graves was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for Fine Art at the prestigious Taos Invites Taos Show at the Fall Arts Festival by the Taos Medical Services Foundation who sponsors the highly acclaimed show. She joins R.C. Gorman and Agnes Martin in receiving that special honor. She has won the Best Traditional Painting Award for seven years now – along with two Best In Show Awards and the Judges’ Award for 2012 in addition to numerous awards in other shows nationwide. She is included in many private and museum collections throughout the country.

Valerie loves New Mexico, the land and light and culture, and she loves animals, birds and wildlife. She donates a good deal of her time and artistic efforts to help animals including Equine Spirit Sanctuary in Taos, the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada and others. She is a member of the Friends of the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, National Audubon Society, and numerous helpful bird-oriented organizations, and is an amateur birdwatcher. Her art collectors primarily purchase purchase her wonderful landscapes, but she loves painting birds and wildlife and will often donate those paintings (and others) to help worthy organizations.

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